The voice collection is a collection of Avilio, Corteo, Nero, and Fango greeting the listener. They each have a morning and night greeting, and an invitation to drink.[1]

Morning Night Drink
Angelo Lagusa Good morning. Did you sleep well? Wait, I don't want to hear about your dreams[2] Sleep - deeply; without dreaming; restfully[3]. Why don't you have a glass? It'll be a long night[4].
Corteo Good morning. Are you awake? Shall I make coffee? Goodnight. I'm sure you'll have a good dream. U-um, I know a place that sells Lawless Heaven... How about it? It's the drink I invented.
Nero Vanetti Hey! It's morning! Time to get up, sleepyhead[5]. C'mon, let's sleep. And put outside those bad thoughts. When you wake up tomorrow, you'll be a new person[6]. You worked hard today. We can definitely have some good alcohol.[7]
Fango GOooD MOooRNIng. It’s mooorning. Let’s *ikebo* have fun today. GOOOOd NIIight. Sleep wellll…There’ll be hell waiting for us tomorrow too, yahooo! One round! One round, one round, one round. NO, one drink. Let’s go. Well, they’re pretty close!


  1. intra fiducia
  2. おはよう。よく眠たか。いや、聞たくない。お前の見た夢なんて。
  3. 眠れよ。夢の見ずみなんて。よっくりと
  4. 一杯やらないか。夜は長いんだ。
  5. おい、あさだぞ!ささく起きろ!この寝坊助。
  6. もう、寝ろ。そして嫌な事がわすれちまい。ねむて起きる明日のお前は別なお前だよ。
  7. a

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