The voice collection is a collection of Avilio, Corteo, Nero, and Fango greeting the listener. They each have a morning and night greeting, and an invitation to drink.[1]

Avilio BrunoEdit

  • Morning: Good morning. Did you sleep well? Wait, I don't want to hear about your dreams.
    • おはよう。よく眠たか。いや、聞たくない。お前の見た夢なんて。
  • Night: Sleep - deeply; without dreaming; restfully.
    • 眠れよ。夢の見ずみなんて。よっくりと
  • Drink: Why don't you have a glass? It'll be a long night.
    • 一杯やらないか。夜は長いんだ。


  • Good morning. Are you awake? Shall I make coffee?
  • Goodnight. I'm sure you'll have a good dream.
  • U-um, I know a place that sells Lawless Heaven... How about it? It's the drink I invented.

Nero VanettiEdit

  • Hey! It's morning! Time to get up, sleepyhead.
    • おい、あさだぞ!ささく起きろ!この寝坊助。
  • C'mon, let's sleep. And put outside those bad thoughts. When you wake up tomorrow, you'll be a new person.
  • You worked hard today. We can definitely have some good alcohol.


  • GOooD MOooRNIng. It’s mooorning. Let’s *ikebo* have fun today.
  • GOOOOd NIIight. Sleep wellll…There’ll be hell waiting for us tomorrow too, yahooo!
  • One round! One round, one round, one round. NO, one drink. Let’s go. Well, they’re pretty close!


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