Song Information
Composition Shougo Kaida
Single Information
Publisher Sony Music Marketing
Release Date September 14, 2016
Price ¥2,500 (SOST-1019)


Title Sound File
01 91 Days Ouverture
02 91 Days Main Theme N/A
03 Days of Nostalgia N/A
04 the days N/A
05 the river to release N/A
06 Concord N/A
07 The dispute N/A
08 Cry of blood N/A
09 Examine the trombone N/A
10 Strike a bargain N/A
11 Melancholy Mike's blues N/A
12 Grande Canzone N/A
13 Vendetta N/A
14 Requiem of 91 Days N/A
15 Fest N/A
16 Swing of struggle N/A
17 Lodiamo il re N/A
18 Enor-me N/A
19 Malinconia Valzer N/A
20 Brutal bell N/A
21 Miseratio N/A
22 Crollo N/A
23 Arriverderci N/A
24 digress from the Main Theme N/A

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