Kanji 味見
Romaji Ajimi
Volume Volume 3
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Sampling is a segment of 91 Daze.


Nero and Angelo sit together when Corteo appears with something for them to try.


Angelo and Nero sit together smoking at a table. Corteo enters the room and says that he has new booze for them to try. Nero smiles and puts out his cigarette while Corteo hands him the first sample.

Nero enjoys it and says that it has a great kick. Corteo smiles and then asks Angelo to try it. He takes the cigarette out of his mouth and takes a sip. Corteo asks what he thinks. He vaguely and nonchalantly answers, but is understood by Corteo who now seems depressed. Nero looks back and forth between the two, confused.

Corteo pours Nero his second glass and again asks that they try it. Nero is again impressed and begins to give his opinion, but Corteo interrupts him and asks Angelo to try it. Nero is taken back by Corteo's disregard for his opinion, but Corteo doesn't seem to notice as he is fixated on Angelo.

Angelo takes a long drag of his cigarette and then takes another sip. Nero looks back and forth between the two. Stressed, Corteo asks what he thinks. Angelo answers the same way, but Corteo becomes happy and remarks that the second one is better, then. He says that he's going to work on it more, and thanks them before walking away. Though Nero seems to be bothered by this interaction, and stares and Angelo once Corteo leaves, Angelo continues to smoke unfazed.


Corteo Oh, so you guys were here. I just finished some new booze, so try it.
Nero Ooh!
Corteo Try this one first.
Nero Don't mind if I do. [Nero drinks it] Whew, what a kick!
Corteo Avilio, you try it too. [Angelo drinks it] ...So?
Angelo Yeah.
Corteo ...I see.

Then, this one.

Nero Okay. This one isn't bad either! I wonder which-
Corteo Avilio, try this too.


Angelo Yeah.
Corteo So this one, then. Thanks for the help!
Nero No problem...





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