Angelo LagusaEdit

Though they haven't been seen interacting very much, Flatte seems to be slightly distrustful of Angelo. When Nero suggests that Angelo go with him to flee the city, Flatte begins to protest.


Vincent VanettiEdit

Vincent Vanetti is the father of Frate.

Gonzo VanettiEdit

"Hey, Frate! Stay out of this! We don't need some kid's opinion!"
―Gonzo to Frate[1]

Gonzo is the paternal uncle of Frate. They don't seem to be close, and when he starts to negotiate with Scusa, Gonzo scolds him.[2]

Fio VanettiEdit

Fio is the older sister of Flatte.

Nero VanettiEdit


Ronald and Flatte watch as is almost killed

Nero is the older brother of Flatte. Recently, they haven't been talking very much. Though they disagree on how to deal with their enemies, they seem to care for each other. When Ronald suggests that they should kill Nero, Flatte works against him to help his brother escape. He warns his brother to leave the city as soon as possible. Later, though, Flatte betrays Nero in order to have peace between the families. He agrees, without consulting anyone else in the Vanetti family, that Nero should be killed in exchange for peace.

Vanno ClementeEdit



Ronald GalassiaEdit


Flatte and Ronald smile at each other

Ronald is Flatte's brother-in-law, as he recently married Flatte's sister, Fio. Out of their family, Flatte seems to get along the best with Ronald, as Flatte wants there to be peace between the families.

When Scusa comes to the Vanettis' to blackmail them for money, Flatte is scolded by his uncle and seems to feel bad. Ronald agrees with Flatte and sticks up for him, to Flatte's relief.

Frate later tells him that the reason he likes Ronald is because acknowledges him, which he doesn't believe that the rest of his family does. He knows that he is loved, but he want to be acknowledged more.

After Ronald suggests that they kill Nero, Frate pretends to work against him so that Nero can escape. This is actually just a ruse to trick his family. He actually made a truce with the Orco family trading Fango's life for Nero's.



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