Chapter 5 (Transcript)
Date September 16th, 2016
Episodes Day 1
Number 978-4391149241
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Contents (Fan Translation)[1]Edit

Avilio is eating chili beans :) It’s 9pm.
‘Nero surmised that Barbero was worried about something. It happened all the time. Barbero, as Nero’s brain, was to think in his place, to doubt. That was his duty.
‘He could finally be free of this trip and its cheap meals, Nero thought.’
‘Avilio was sullenly resting on his cheek doing nothing in the passenger seat. Nero had said he didn’t want to crash again and taken over driving duties.’
Avilio is surprised by the scene that greets him when they enter the abandoned mine-turned-illicit-brewery.
[subs say ‘Corteo…What are you doing here?’ but novel says ‘Corteo! …What are you doing here?’ which is a lil cute]
‘Corteo looked at Avilio with a slightly worried expression.’
‘It was Corteo’s recipe. To think it had become such a big operation in the blink of an eye……’
On Avilio’s smile after Nero bumps him lightly: ‘Corteo froze, looking on in amazement.’
‘When they were alone together, Avilio relaxed. Now that the trip was over, there was finally somewhere he could breathe easy.’
[subs say ‘Nero’s one of your revenge targets, right?’ but he’s also kind of emphasised, like, ‘Nero’s one of your revenge targets too, right?’ Don’t forget! Even him! kind of thing.]
[Avilio doesn’t say anything until Corteo turns away from him. Personally I feel like this is…He’s doesn’t want to hurt Corteo (plus it would be bad for his revenge schemes) but he doesn’t want to give Corteo more information than strictly necessary - whether this is because Corteo doesn’t lie well, or because he wants to keep him innocent for his safety - probably a mix of both.]
‘Both were troubled by the change in their best friend.’ [<— !!!!!!! !!!!! !!!]
[I also have a lot of feelings about Avilio loosening up enough to bop Corteo on the elbow and be all ‘might not be too long before I kill that guy too’ with a smile]
Tigre is disappointed when he sees Frate because he was waiting for Nero and Frate is not his older brother :(
‘At a glance, the man named Volpe exuded a lazy air, but he was deeply trusted by Nero to keep watch on Ronaldo, among other things.’
Even though Tigre is breathing heavily because of his wound, he’s still happy that Nero thanks him.
Frate wants his decision to be acknowledged as the correct one, but his father’s words aren’t words of affirmation :( He’s not happy.
Ganzo really doesn’t like Ronaldo. He thinks he’s impudent.
The place Nero etc are hiding out at has cold floors, but at least there are blankets!
‘When Corteo woke, he realised Avilio wasn’t in the bed beside him.’ [sleeping order there is Corteo - Avilio - Nero - Barbero. It’s another thing that links into how Avilio is the first thing Corteo looks for when he wakes up in ep10 though]
On Avilio’s ‘revenge is the only thing I have’ line: ‘Avilio spoke with an unusually gentle, quiet expression. Corteo, unable to find a way to save him from that dark path, gnashed his teeth at his own powerlessness.’
On Avilio’s look after Nero shakes him for suggesting going to the island: ‘It was a cold gaze, with a strong resolve.’
The moment Avilio says he’s leaving: ‘Corteo smiled happily. He hadn’t been able to explain properly the night before, but it seemed Avilio had somehow changed his mind.’
Volpe decides not to shoot because it’s hard to see and the greater danger is in attracting others to their location with the sound.
[It’s really cute that Avilio holds his chin when Fango talks about Serpente cutting his beard??]
'Corteo had seen Fango’s strange behaviour once before, but at the rapidly changing theatrics, he recalled Cerotto’s words. Fango truly was even madder than he had thought.’
Both Barbero and Volpe are shocked by Corteo’s appearance. Nothing on Nero, who had watched them go with a ‘grim’ expression. [Hard to tell what he’s thinking…]
‘Perhaps as a habit he did while thinking, Barbero pushed his glasses up with his fingertips.’
On Corteo: ‘He was strangely open and full of confidence. You wouldn’t have believed it from his usual self.’ It turns back to fear when Volpe approaches him, though.
[subs say ‘you can do what you like with him’ re: Avilio’s offer to Fango but the literal phrase is ‘you can cook him up however you like’……and he does.]
Barbero understands what Avilio did in preventing Fango from getting revenge for his dead underling. ‘It hurt to admit it, but Avilio had made and executed a plan he couldn’t have thought of. Barbero was a little afraid of Avilio. Though at the same time, he was grateful.’
‘Avilio’s words weren’t wrong. If they couldn’t have him assessed by a doctor soon, Tigre could lose his life as early as tomorrow. And then Volpe and Barbero, too, would be soon killed by the Vanettis under Frate’s control. Because they had sided with Nero. It wasn’t in him to let that happen.’


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