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  • Re: that tree scene where Nero pours out his heart to Nero - ‘Nero, trying desperately to keep hold of what he had left, made dark flames swirl in Avilio. So he still had something left……that was unforgivable.’ Cue more thoughts of revenge, etc. It also talks about how they’re similar.
  • After Cerotto’s talk with Corteo about Fango - ‘It didn’t seem like Avilio would come home tonight either. Even so……Corteo was waiting for his ‘brother’s’ return.’
  • Some mention of Corteo’s feelings after Avilio leaves him there with all that unwanted cash - ‘like the bills scattered on the floor, his heart was in pieces’.
  • Avilio absolutely wanted to jump in and protect Corteo when he was being beaten. ‘Don’t forget. This is the mafia’s way of doing things. Bearing with the desire to avert his eyes, Avilio tried to burn the image into his mind. Despise everything, then destroy everything.’
  • (!! SUPER IMPORTANT!!) Re: table-kicking - Avilio is angry with himself as well as the mafia. He feels a kinship with Cerotto because he realises that Cerotto, like him, wants to save Corteo, and is frustrated with his own helplessness. Avilio hadn’t been able to forget how Corteo had been near tears. He feels that Corteo is a victim and acknowledges that he was mistaken in trying to build distance between them because Corteo’s thoughts were in a different place. Avilio had wondered why Corteo had been so upset, but now he figures it’s because Corteo was angry at being dragged into things; because Avilio hadn’t yet killed Nero; because he’d thought he’d been abandoned. Cue more talk of how Corteo is all Avilio has left, and how Avilio is the only person who can protect Corteo.
  • AVILIO WENT TO SAVE CORTEO sorry still not over this. When Corteo escapes, Avilio!! hopes!!! that he will truly escape, even though he knows he’s not in a position to pray to God.
  • After - Avilio thinks a lot about how Corteo had always been there for him, and wonders why he tried to let go of him. ‘I shouldn’t have pushed him away. I should have faced him properly.’ He feels like he’s the one who forced Corteo to change.
  • Re: dat hand kiss - ‘It’s loyalty only in appearance. I’ll pledge it as many times as it takes.’ Throughout the scene, Avilio’s focussed on figuring out who the fourth man is.
  • Re: drunk Nero scene - ’Even if you didn’t shoot anyone that night. Even if you were just a powerless boy, tagging along because you wished wholeheartedly to be recognised by your father…So what? I can’t turn back now.’ and ‘I have to hate him. More. If I forgive Nero now, I — I’ll lose my reason to live again.’ (!!! IMPORTANT POINT HERE)
  • Re: the zoo trip - ‘The visitors were mostly families, so two men going together drew some attention.’
  • Re: Corteo’s soup - he worries because Avilio’s eyes widen when he tastes it (what if Avilio’s grown accustomed to gourmet food!) but that worry soon vanishes.
  • Re: farewell scene - Avilio knows he’s making a promise he can’t keep. ‘Goodbye, Corteo. May peaceful days return to you.’ Corteo knows it’s intended to be a kind lie, but he doesn’t want to give up. He throws the bottles in the river as an expression of his resolve and self-reflection.
  • RE: THAT EPISODE - Avilio didn’t lose hope until Corteo actually physically returned, because if they were questioning him, it meant they still hadn’t found Corteo. After that he’s basically in shambles.
  • Re: the ‘im here for revenge’ line - ‘if he didn’t say it to himself, his heart would break. But that couldn’t happen. There was nothing that could stop his revenge.’
  • Corteo reminisces on their time together and Avilio is like THAT IS WHY I THOUGHT YOU RAN AWAY
  • Nero believes he understands the pain Avilio is going through. ‘Even the first time they had met, he hand seen plenty of trust between them.’ Later, when Barbero confronts him about Avilio, he’s like, ‘Corteo was Avilio’s close friend. Even though Avilio didn’t say it, it was obvious just from looking at them. And Nero was the one who had made him shoot Corteo. It was natural he’d be hated. Even so, strangely, he hadn’t thought he would be.’ LMAO NERO ‘More importantly, he was interested in the transformation Avilio had undergone after he had killed Corteo.’ There’s a bit of thought re: that dark look Avilio fixes Nero with sometime. He thinks it’s an indication of Avilio’s resolve.
  • Re: Vincent deathbed scene - ‘The scar Testa left was like a wound piercing Vincent’s heart.’
  • ‘Ever since he’d shot Corteo, it was as if water had been poured over the fire that fueled his revenge. Still, there was a hole burnt into his heart. It was a hole that sucked in everything, swallowed everything. If he let his guard down, he’d fall right into it.’
  • Re: the car scene with Cerotto - Avilio doesn’t think his revenge has ended yet, because he and Nero are still alive. He doesn’t answer Cerotto because he doesn’t know why Don Galassia didn’t kill him, and he doesn’t know why Nero hasn’t either. He agrees that he’s the one who killed Corteo. ‘Avilio had killed his one and only family, the last light in his life, with his own hands. Prior to his death, Corteo had looked at peace. That was terribly sad. Avilio wanted to hurry and meet him. When everything was over, when he died, he was sure that he would be able to meet with Corteo. Before they were separated by heaven and hell, he felt Corteo would definitely come to meet him, along with his family and his younger brother……’ Avilio also feels that Corteo should have thrown him away. When Cerotto asks whether he’s listening, Avilio is imagining Corteo’s last words.
  • This is mentioned earlier in both show and novel, but Vanno was the first person Avilio ever killed, for sure.
  • Re: road trip take 2 - Nero’s not happy that Avilio seems to be enjoying the cigarette more than he is. He also feels a bit sad thinking about how different it is from their first one. The random guy who enters just before they leave the shop might have been called in by the shopkeeper, thinks Nero (he’s the guy in the car that passes Nero on the way back from the beach).
  • Re: campfire scene - the reason Nero gets mad when Avilio says everything was meaningless is that he’s remembering the words his father spoke before his death. ‘ […] They were words of despair. How could the person bringing despair say the same thing?’ After Avilio snaps, Nero sees how much pain he’s been through and figures he can’t be angry with Avilio for getting outsiders involved, since Nero had done the same thing. He had no right to blame someone for it, but he had no right to forgive, either.
  • This is obvious, but in that final beach scene - Avilio speaks the truth because he thinks he understands why Nero tells him that stuff about just living. As for what the truth is – well, that was intended to be ambiguous, after all!


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