Chapter 3
Date September 16th, 2016
Episodes Day 3
Number 978-4391149241
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Chapter 3 is the third chapter of the 91 Days novelization. It adapts episode 3.

Contents (Fan Translation)[1]Edit

‘Corteo had been waiting for Avilio to return from his dangerous assignment. He awoke to the smell of tobacco. It seemed he had fallen asleep on the table.’
‘“……You’re okay?” He relaxed upon seeing Avilio. He had made it back alive.’
“You were here the whole time?”
‘“Yeah. I’d planned to stay awake until you got back, but…” Embarrassed at falling asleep, he headed to the kitchen to make coffee.’
[^^^ retelling of the anime scene but so important ^^^ ‘You were here the whole time?’ WHAT AN IMPORTANT LINE]
Avilio was really shaken by the disappearance of Serpente’s corpse. He was ‘desperately suppressing’ his emotions when he said the line about being out of town already.
When Avilio asks 'it wasn’t you?’, Corteo ‘couldn’t feel ‘brotherliness’ in Avilio’s gaze at all. His heart broke at the sight of his best friend who had become obsessed with revenge. [or, ‘he felt it was tragic’]
The speakeasy Cerotto works at is in a tight alleyway [so that’s what those alleyway shots all represent]
'Corteo entered the store. He was an acquaintance, a good partner. He made really good booze. And he was usually friendly. But Cerotto was afraid because of what he had done.’ (re: why he broke the glass in surprise when Corteo entered)
After Corteo accuses him of killing Vanno: ‘Corteo calmly observed Cerotto, who seemed ready to run at any moment. He had to discern this. For the sake of his only close friend……and family.’
He’s relieved when he learns that Cerotto doesn’t know the circumstances of Vanno’s death, because he doesn’t want Cerotto to die. ‘And regardless of whether it was for revenge, he didn’t want Avilio to become a murderer unnecessarily.’
Barbero wants to know if Nero will actually carry through with his threat of killing Avilio if he doesn’t find the body. ‘Nero, who had been down since Vanno’s death, gave a vague reply.’ He’s strongly suspicious of Avilio, but at the same time, when he’d interrogated him, he’d felt something fascinating in the gaze directed at him [or, attractive. ok nero]
Novel switches placement of Don Orco’s lasagna tantrum and the above scene.
The scene with Fango leaving Don Orco’s restaurant is described as ‘the moment when the Orco Family turned its back on Fango’.
When Ganzo tells Frate to shut up: ‘He was always being treated like a child. He had the feeling he still hadn’t been recognised as a member of the family; it was frustrating, and he was miserable. Sometimes, those feelings turned to resentment against Nero.’
Ronaldo speaks ‘to cover for Frate’. When he sees Ganzo stand down, he smiles at Frate to console him and Frate smiles back, reassured.
Fango is irritated that Gatto’s driving slowly so he can gather his thoughts.
Ganzo can’t stand Ronaldo, who’s not joined to the Family by blood.
On Frate inclining his head whenever Ronaldo looks at him: ‘Smiling, Ronaldo left the room. It was a meaningful smile.’
Tigre, watching the building for Nero, slackens into a smile at the children playing. ‘He was a good man who loved children at heart.’ But unfortunately his wounds still haven’t healed :(
On Fango’s appearance there: ‘the man he least wanted to see just then’.
Novel’s already mentioned Nero’s fascination with Avilio’s gaze so it skips the scene where they’re walking through town.
Barbero suggests gonig with Nero because he’s aware of his position as Nero’s brain.
Both Frate and Barbero ‘turn suspicious eyes’ on Avilio at his sudden proposition to go with Nero.
‘“This guy’s pretty useful,”” said Nero, quite like he were purchasing Avilio. Barbero, looking at them, suddenly cut in. “By the way, did you decide on a place for the funeral?”
On that topic: ‘Only Corteo was looking at Avilio’s smile: that satisfied……cruel…smile.’ [when he turned to light his cigarette. There are some emotions this boy can’t mask ;_;]
‘Vanno had been a deeply religious man. Standing in the shade of a faraway tree, Nero thought the sky might really be weeping for him.’
After Nero tells Avilio to go on ahead: ‘When he turned back, he could see Nero, collapsing in tears. Vanno had been like family to Nero. The pain of losing one’s family — To Avilio, who had felt the full extent of that pain seven years prior, that sight didn’t make his feelings waver in the slightest. Suffer as much as you like. Just as I did……Nero and Avilio’s trip began with them holding onto utterly mismatched thoughts. [I’m so…this here. Definitely did something to me when I read it.]


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