Chapter 2
Date September 16th, 2016
Episodes Day 2
Number 978-4391149241
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Chapter 2 is the second chapter of the 91 Days novelization. It adapts episodes 2.

Contents (Fan Translation)[1]Edit

  • Starts at the wedding rather than the pre-OP scene. The opening line (‘It was a fine day’) contrasts with that of chapter 1 (‘It was a rainy day.’)
  • The relationship between Fio and Ronald ‘obviously wasn’t an equal one. Compared to the Galassias, the Vanettis were nothing more than a small town Family.’
  • ‘Nero turned to the two with a smile, not chiding them for turning up to the grandiose party in everyday wear.’
  • ‘Upon seeing how many bottles were packed into the trunk, Nero let out a whistle.’
  • The car is a white Phantom - ‘an extremely high-class car no commoner would be able to acquire’.
  • Avilio points out ‘teasingly’ that the influence of the nearby Orco Family is spreading.
  • At the part where Corteo’s questioning why Avilio gave them the alcohol as a present: ‘The friend he hadn’t seen in seven years had become a man full of mystery.’ Corteo shrugs and ends his line of inquiry. ‘But if he wasn’t making any money, he wanted to hurry up and leave that place. It wasn’t the place for them. The women were dressed in glamorous attire, and the men were all done up in tuxedos.’
  • ‘Avilio smiled and sidestepped Corteo’s plea. Corteo couldn’t understand what he was thinking at all.’
  • They introduce Barbero by his slender (non-fighting-type) frame and intelligent looks, Frate by his youthful appearance.
  • ‘Nero ruthlessly thrust reality at Frate, who was cheerfully speaking of the future.’
  • Nero glares at the cigarette after his father says his deep & meaningful spiel about inhaling time, not smoke.
  • On Fio and Ronald: ‘the bride’s expression was just a little worried. Her ability to swiftly turn that concern into a smile was due to her awareness that this was a political marriage.’
  • ‘Perhaps noticing Vanno’s glare, Ronald brought his bride over.’
  • Vanno definitely enjoys catching Ronald’s arm when he tries to hit Avilio, but his grip slackens the instant Fio calls out to them.
  • Fio goes back to Ronald to improve his mood. ‘Consoled by Fio, Ronald’s mood improved and he smiled. Truly, the bride — Fio — was a mature woman who knew the meaning of this marriage.’
  • Barbero chokes because the alcohol is stronger than expected.
  • ‘Smiling, Avilio turned his gaze upon Corteo.’
  • Vanno was the most spiritual of the group. ‘When it was his turn to cook, he wouldn’t let them eat without praying.’
  • (for personal reference) Lacrima lives in the apartment across from Lawless Chronicle
  • Corteo is definitely criticizing Avilio for joining up with Vanno.
  • That’s Vanno’s car Cerotto and Avilio sit in.
  • Avilio smiles slightly at Cerotto’s amazement in response to him covering himself with the scent of alcohol.
  • ‘He was to stop suspicious people from approaching the apartment. Wincing at the cold, Serpente called out to the sitting man.’
  • Fango might have noticed Avilio’s killing intent (which would be why he looks up).
  • When Lacrima tells him to stop, Avilio lightly jerks his head to the side. This is indeed a gesture for her to get out of the way.
  • ‘Fango was a fearsome man. He enjoyed having his life in peril from the bottom of his heart.’
  • In the anime, we don’t see Avilio fire, but in the novel I’m pretty sure it says Avilio fires and Fango fires back?
  • Serpente had been bored gulping down booze but he rushes over when he hears the gunshots.
  • The written flashback when Vanno recognizes Serpente’s knife specifies that Vanno ‘remembered their final conversation. That boyish, innocent smile, too. But Tronco had been murdered. He’d never get to ride in the Phantom he wanted so badly.’
  • ‘Vanno made the sign of the cross over the fallen Serpente, just as he had when he had made his first kill ages back.’
  • ‘It was his first kill, and his first act of revenge.’


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