A story told through the perspective of Avilio Bruno (real name Angelo Lagusa) who hopes to avenge the death of his family by killing their murderers and well-known mafia family, the Vanettis.[1][2]


The stage is a city named Lawless, a bustling town corrupted by the mafia enters Avilio Bruno (formerly known as Angelo Lagusa). His family, who once lived happily in Lawless, was murdered in cold blood. After seven years have passed since that night, Avilio receives a letter which sparks his need for revenge, sending him back to his hometown. The letter details who killed his family those years ago and the writer remained anonymous but claimed to be a 'family friend'. Once returning to Lawless, Avilio commences his vengeance by befriending Nero Don Vanetti, son of the Vanetti's leader and 1/4 of the group which allegedly murdered Avilio's family. As Avilio carries out his mission, he begins to wonder if his vengeance is his reason for living or his reason for dying. This is the sorrowful story of a man's thirst for blood and desire to avenge. [3]



The series is said to draw inspiration from various American crime movies, such as Road to Perdition, Miller's Crossing, Lawless, Godfather, Reservoir Dogs, and Good Fellas.[4] Many of the episodes' titles are from Shakespeare's Macbeth.





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